A poem by Balan Blakely Hall
Re: The College of the Redwoods
In Ft Bragg, CA (our hometown) The local College of the Redwoods is threatening to shut down. And this is how my son and the other students are fighting hard to keep it open..

Balan Blakely-Hall

English 9

7 April 2014

The Rape of Our Knowledge

Why is the college shutting down our campus, and why didn’t they give us notice? Today I will be doing a poem on how CR has screwed many of us over here in Mendocino County. I will do it in Popes writing style, which is in heroic couplets, and it will be a mock epic. I will create a hero who is not based on any one in particular, and all the struggles he has to go through while his campus is being shut down. This will be a three-part poem with the introduction to the problem, the battle about the problem, and the end of the problem.

Part 1

The day had just started, and sun was shining bright

Our hero awoke being hit by the sun’s beaming light

He prepares his bags for the first day of school

Hoping his class mates wont think him a fool

In his mind he thinks of himself as some sort of a hero

Which happens to rhyme with his name, which is Zero

He walks through the halls of school preparing for fate

Whether it be reading or writing, or starting a debate

The first day was over and already knowledge was learned

Then came the craving for more, and in his heart a new passion burned

Months went by as the college started to grow

The teachers had created a team in which had a great flow

Everything was looking great, and our students were strong

No matter the struggles they still tagged along

Then out of the blue many of our teachers were fired

All of students and facility wondered will more be hired

This was the start of a strenuous battle

From which our college turned its students into cattle

Part 2

The college administrators were very deceiving

They told us no more will be fired, which felt relieving

Then a month later we were only down to a few

The things they had promised were not coming true

We took them for their word and let this all start

Our college was getting torn down and broken apart

This was time, if any, for one last stand

So we got the students and teachers and made a final demand

We told them what you have done has started a war

We may be small in numbers but will grow more and more

A committee was started to see how we should fight

We spent weeks planning every day and every night

The strategy was ready; we would battle at every meeting

Even if we had to stand because there was not enough seating

They told us there was not enough profit to keep our school running

When they sent us the numbers we saw all the lies and it was stunning

We began to get evidence to build up a case

We tried to find a lawyer to help and rub it in their face

We sent waves of people up to every board meeting

But from what we could tell victory was fleeting

The battle seemed lost and all our knowledge was taken

Students became depressed and we all felt forsaken

Our final three teachers were told they had to move

This was their counter attack, but we still had something to prove

We pulled all our resources to march a final attack

We found another college to help, and go behind the administrators back

Part 3

The plan was set in motion and logistics were ready

Each student waiting with anticipation and holding steady

Politics and legalities is where the battle comes to a hold

We are forced to wait and see if our college administrators will fold

It was an arduous battle and we thought we were going to lose

Which would leave our minds and hearts with a permanent bruise

Then all of a sudden a beautiful light shined threw

And everything fell into place and we new what to do

We started a lawsuit, which made our oppressors think twice

Once that was done, they had lost, and had to pay the price

Either give us a settlement or lose all your money

Then all of a sudden they folded, which I thought was funny

All the clouds dispersed and we could finally see the sun

We had sent all of our tyrannical leaders on the run

Zero walked through the halls as if it was the first time he was there

He thought to himself we won the battle even though it was unfair

And they’re marked the end of the rape of our knowledge

Because we finally stood up to our sinister college

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