Walkera’s Tali H500 Training Materials

A collection compiled by Timothy Hall from YouTube

Below is a 2 ½  hour Tali H500 training session, with custom chapter navigation along with Tim’s inserted comments. Included are all the numbered videos listed further down this page.
What's here?
I spent an afternoon looking for YouTube videos on the Tali H500, and ended up with twenty-one videos that I think every new Tali pilot should watch.

← To the left..  is a link to the videos I found ‘that are aggregated together as one long 2 1/2 hour vid – where I added some of my own comments over the individual videos, as well as providing chapters – so you can jump between the sections easily.

Since each Tali pilot’s experiences will vary, I thought it would be wise include more than one perspective on each of the topics covered here.
Hence, you will encounter some redundancy. Still, after (personally) watching all the videos myself, I found all to be worthwhile – and am glad I watched them all. And I recommend that you do the same.

Below are links to the original YouTube video pages, in case you need them.
There are also some extra links that you might find useful, that you will find under the “Extras” section.

I strongly suggest you review all this material – even if you don’t think you need to. Pause often to reflect on what you just covered. Take plenty of breaks. Come back and re-watch all or parts as needed.


Other information you may want..

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    Mission Planner (for PC) can pre-cache google maps ‘for when your flying location is beyond range of call towers & wifi connectivity – so you’ll have the maps you need, with you, when out in the wild places. However, Android devices are a special case – and can not easily store these. But this forum post tells how it can be done. Worth knowing, if you plan to use Mission Planner in the field.