One of these days I will be able to afford a really nice professional arial photography rig, with FPV (live First Person View), NAZA-M, Wookong, or other Flight Controller (with GPS, Position Hold, Etc). These videos document my research.

Amazing: Phantom Drone flying through a fireworks display

Absolutely beautiful – watch as this drone dares to fly through exploding fireworks on the 4th of July, 2014.. Thanks to Luana for posting this..Read More »

Drones perch on power lines to recharge

(Douglas Ernst) Imagine a world where drones never have to touch the ground after takeoff. That’s what MIT PhD. candidate Joseph Moore did, and now he’s on the cusp of creating a drone that can “perch” on power lines just like birds to recharge its batteries.Read More »

Filmmaker Captures San Francisco Holiday Lights By Drone

December 26, 2013 8:44 PM SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – Aerial views of the city are always stunning, but what can be done with a small drone helicopter and a GoPro or similar camera is breathtaking, just ask Beto Lopez.Read More »

Imagine this insanely fast drone hunting you down

Imagine this insanely fast drone hunting you down I am equally excited and terrified By Ben Popper on May 7, 2015 10:53 am Read More »

Oh Good Grief !

A band of neighborhood NIMBYs take their vigilance to new heights by using a drone to spy on their longtime nemeses. The Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association in Portland, Oregon, recently purchased the remote-controlled aircraft as a means to monitor a nearby rail yard and local construction sites.Read More »

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The OMF 650 V4

[toggle title=”The OMF 650 V4 Movies are here..”]

[/toggle] When you order this RTF (Ready to fly combo, you will get the following:

  • OFM-XA650 Value V4 Folding Frame Fully Assembled
  • Havafilm Birdie Gimbal with Hitec Digital Metal Gear programmable Servos
  • 8J4 Quality Brushless Outrunner 600kv – 700kv High Efficiency disc motors Installed
  • 4 sets of Balanced 12×45 Carbon Fiber Propellers
  • 4 Custom 30A Opto ESCs with SimonK Firware specially designed for multirotors
  • DJI Naza M GPS  Combo (compass built in) Installed, all options configured and flight tested
  • Futaba T8J 2.4ghz S-FHSS Radio system with R2008SB 8 Channel Futaba 2.4ghz Receiver with S-BUS Support
In addition you will get
  • Customized Connectors
  • Customized Parallel cable

Above setup will simply Deliver Superb performance and you will love the smooth flight of this Quad. Not to mention, you do not have to worry about camera shakes, tilts and rolls  anymore. Thanks to Dual axis stabilized cam mount controlled by  DJI Naza, you will be taking some pro shots in no time at all.


OFM Seeker-450 Quadcopter

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What you get when you order OFM Seeker-450 RTF

    • SnapShot(105)Fully Assembled, setup, tweaked for best flight performance and flight tested OFM Seeker 450 V2 with motors, ESCs and Propellers
    • Futaba T8J Radio System with R2008SB Receiver (Rx installed on machine)
    • DJI Naza M GPS System (both installed, setup, and flight tested)
    • Spare Propellers set
    • Parallel  XT60 Connectors to use two batteries in Parallel
    • Super Bright Headlights
    • 2 axis stabilized camera gimbal with High speed Digital Servos